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looking at egyptian gods


ya know

nothing big

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is that shaggy

that is shaggy

shaggy put down the gun

scooby dooby doo, motherfucker

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I’m everything that’s happened to me.
Every dead friend.
Every person I’ve harmed.
Every evil thing I’ve done.
Every horrible thing I’ve said.
Every horrible thing that’s been said to me.

And do you know what that does to a person?
It changes them.
It makes them become somebody they’re not.
Somebody they fucking despise.
And one day, they don’t know where the old them went.
They’re still there, somewhere, mixed in with that…. monster.

But they’re just not the same.
They don’t know how to say what they feel.
How to make the words come from their minds to their mouths, the brain to the page.

They’ve lost themselves and can’t find their way back.

There seems to be one escape to them, so they run to it.

They don’t know how to ask for help.
How to be happy.
How to be loved.
They see the world in extremes, black and white, no grey.

They just want somebody else to understand, but they don’t know how to make anybody else understand.

They just want somebody to tell them it’ll be alright, but then they don’t believe it when they hear it.

And you know what?
It’s a miserable existence, and I pray you never have to experience it.